Rosie turned 8yrs old in July, but is still full of energy, talent, and desire. It's always been amazing how quickly she could master a new concept in training and put it to perfect use.  I've learned more from her than she's learned from me!!
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GRHRCH  UH GRK's Red n Reddie Rosie MH  (Rosie)   

Scarlet is four years old, very sweet and gentle...until it comes time to retrieve!  She finished her HRCH and her AKC Sr title this fall.
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HRCH Grandrivers Frankly My Dear SH (Scarlet)

Rudy is 3 yrs old and attained his seasoned title this fall along with 2 Senior passes. For a large male, Rudy is a gentle giant.  His demeanor is fantastic with small children.  Rudy has a great love for retrieving and has become a very calm and steady partner at the line.  I've always heard a great combination for a working dog is "soft" and "smart".  That he is -- soft enough to not want to get into trouble and smart enough to  figure it out!
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HR Grand River's Riparian Rudy SH (Rudy)

Brassy is my 15 month old out of Rosie.  As a team, we are still work in progress.  Brassy has 2 started passes in HRC and one novice pass in URS.  She still has to be held at the line for steadiness and control.  In the field she will turn and sit on a whistle, but often will continue to sit and look at me when I give her a cast, which leaves me feeling very stupid!!  Like I in
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Grand River's Classy Brass  (Brassy)

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